Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Inferno, by Dan Brown - Predictions

I'm not planning to read this book, not for a while.  Based on his last book, The Lost Symbol, which had a plethora of plot holes, Dan Brown seems to have lost steam.  I don't know anything about Inferno, all I did was glance at the cover on Amazon without even reading the blurb.  So here are my predictions.

1) Robert Langdon will receive an urgent request for help, this time coming from someplace in Europe.

2) He will be suspected of involvement in some heinous crime, and he must act now to prevent something really, really bad from happening.

3) A tough, educated female will become his sidekick.  They will not have sex.

4) They will spend the night rushing through secret tunnels and hidden passages to escape from the good guys while trying to catch the bad guys, not once having sex.

5) There will be some ancient religious thingy that threatens to tear down the fabric of society.

6) Christians are to blame.

7) A cabal is involved.

8) Ancient texts are to be deciphered.

9) Obama will make an appearance.

and finally...

10) Robert Langdon will experience a new level of enlightenment and tell us all about it.

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