About Me

I am not a literary scholar.  I am not a literary student.  I am a literary rambler, someone who reads for the love of it, traversing various literary periods, touching on some famous and some not-so-famous novels of the past few hundred years.

My name is Matt Neal and I'm a writer-by-night.  I have written several novels and dozens of short stories that are waiting to be published.  Waiting to be submitted.  Waiting for the magic novel fairy to fly in my window and take my unsubmitted manuscripts and publish them for me.

After several previous blogs that dealt with a variety of issues, I've decided to focus on what matters to me.  This blog will include book reviews as well as my attempts to publish a novel, and learn all that is learnable about the publishing industry.  I'll also throw in a few random thoughts as they strike me, because that's just the kind of hateful bastard I am.

Look for no politics here.  Look for no debates on religion.

I have another blog that will eventually become a true website if I can ever scrape together the 8 dollars a month for hosting.  BackyardHistorian.com.  My literary interests include the strange and mysterious, the macabre and unknown.  BackyardHistorian.com is about my ventures in various parts of the world, as well as my own backyard (both figuratively and literally), to uncover the past.

My home is in Woodstock, GA, the foothills of the Appalachians.  I have a wife, two kids, and a neato creek in my backyard.  Plus my dog peed on the rug last week.

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