Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dance, You Crazy Daddy-O

We used to hang out in Buckhead - club central of Atlanta.  We'd go to the clubs, go dancing with friends.  Chillin', lookin' hot. We had it going on.

Then we got married.  And moved to the suburbs.  Kids.  Cub Scouts.  Soccer practice.  Bake sales.

My 10 year old daughter put Just Dance 4 into the Wii, and I figured this is a good chance to show her my old moves.


I am ordered from the room and told never to do that again.  This is a little confusing.  Back in the day, I was considered a pretty good dancer.  I tried to show her.  She wouldn't even give me a chance!  Apparently I've ruined it for her.  Apparently I've seared her eyeballs and she will never be the same again.

Gangnam Style.  Heck, I can do that.  It's just a cowboy swinging a lasso.  Maybe this is a new beginning for me.  Maybe I'll take the wife out to Buckhead like we did in the old days.  Maybe I'll show my daughter I really am cool.  I'm a dad she can be proud of.  I walk around the house singing, "Woop woop Gangnam style!"  I even tried to give her a small (very small) lecture on the history of the Gangnam culture in Korea.

Nothing seems to impress her.  I can't figure it out.

Well, I'm not worried.  She's having a slumber party with a bunch of her friends this weekend.  I'll break out my dance moves and show her friends what a cool dad I am.  If anything can win the heart of a 10 year old girl, that will do it.

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