Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Like, Stop Saying That, Dad!

I've been told to stop.
"I was like, what are you talking about?" 
"Dad, you're not allowed to say 'like'."
My 10 year old informed me that "old people" can't use "kid words".  Well, I told that young lady a thing or two!  I grew up in the 70's and 80's.  We invented half the slang they use today.
"I know, right?" 
"Dad, you can't say 'right' anymore, either."
She's coming up with a list of things I can't say.  Included are "awesome" and "totally".  Seriously, those are words straight out of my high school days.  She can't take them from me.  I spent years listening to Cyndi Lauper and watching Valley Girl.  Doesn't that count for something?

However, I chuckled when she said I couldn't say "epic".  Okay, not a problem.  That phrase has long since "jumped the shark".  But that brought on a long discussion of what "jump the shark" meant, which ended with the conclusion that the phrase "jumped the shark" had "jumped the shark".

I guess she expects me to talk like the people on Downton Abbey.  With the "oh, my" and the "good heavens", and "my dear, would you be so kind as to pass the cobbled oats?"

However, she's going to let me keep the word "cool".  I guess because it's been around since Benny Goodman.  But the condition is I may NOT, repeat, I may NOT say "kewl".

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